Grossoptic d.o.o company has a leadership position in the production of ophthalmic lenses in this part of Europe. Founded in 1994 as a firm for esport-import business and production of optical instruments principally related to mass production. Today the Grossoptic owns the production plant of higest technological level including the modern devices for ophthalmic lenses production and processing as well as for quality control ... Furhermore, the company has started with produstion of ophthalmic lenses frames.
Our main principle is: all in one place and complete cooperation with clients.



The eyewear collection MAX is expressed with a modern design that follows current trends and offers a wide range of models for men, women and unisex. In order to satisfy different tastes of each client, our MAX models give an effect of elegance with modern lines combined with aesthetic values. Models range from those who want classic and elegant appearance with simple shapes and details to ones trendy directed mainly at young people.